Our Mission

Cookie Decorating Getaways began as a way for a family member with an injury to get back into cookie decorating. It's the first, all-inclusive, uber affordable option on the sugar art circuit today. Kind of like a cookie sleepover with new and previous friends, we talk about all things cookie: everything fun about making and decorating sugar cookies, including 3D printing, stencil making, royal icing consistencies, and much more! For 3 days of jam-packed, cookie fun, you will never feel overwhelmed during this busy weekend! Cookie Decorating Getaways is open to all abilities and ages to get your cookie on! What is better than a Weekend Getaway in wonderful Kissimmee Florida Decorating Cookies!

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Our Team

Our amazing team consists of just the 4 of us! We are a family-operated business with a passion for decorating cookies and laughter.

- Crystal

- Pam

- Hailey

- Sydnee